From:  "Matt Yee" <>
To:  <>
Subject:  Aloha From Matt Yee: Bay Yee
Date:  Thu, 9 Feb 2006 13:44:46 -1000

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I announce that my dad, Bay Yee, passed away on Feb. 2, 06 at 12:30 am in his sleep after fighting cancer.  He was a wonderful father, husband and taught all of us how to love and be loved.  His family includes his 4 sons, Matt, Terry, Bob and Pat, and his loving wife Tay, and a multitude of grand children.

I was with him in spirit and by Ocean Phone before he passed as the Navigator of the Seas was coming into Labadee, Haiti.  After sharing the moments after his death with my family who were in his room in Honolulu, and crying quite a lot, I walked out onto the front deck of the Navigator.  A beautiful sunrise greeted me in the cool morning quiet.  I felt his eyes look through mine at the gloriousness of the new day.  I had never seen Labadee quite like this.

Later that day, I went ashore and wandered around in a daze.  Right by the Dragon's Lair, there's a tall pine tree.  I immediately felt his presence, his energy, and it had gone into the trees, into nature.

My dad led an incredible life, full of learning, adventure, wisdom and love. And these are among the gifts he gave to me.  Thank you Dad.  We will all miss him.

Matt Yee