I just spent 2 months in Europe.  Our itinerary included the Baltic from Copenhagen to East Germany, Estonia, Russia, Findland and Stockholm.  We traveled on Celebrity's Constellation, a wonderful ship.  I had great audiences this whole trip.  That was actually a surprise for me because it was an Atlantis Alumni Cruise meaning virtually everyone had seen my show before.  But it quickly became apparent that we were going to have a blast, touring during the day and partying in my shows during the evening.  Because this trip was so about the ports, that's what I ended up taking pix of.  So here's a few snapshots and memories of the Baltic.

We flew from Honolulu to Copenhagen just as it started to heat up in Hawaii..  In spite of the 12 hour jet lag, plus 2 days of travel, we were excited to start our adventures in Europe.  It was pleasantly chilly and overcast in Denmark.  Our hotel was right near many of the famous sights like:





The men of Copenhagen were the most beautiful and plentiful we saw in all of Europe

Of course we had to visit Tivoli, that famous amusement park full of lights, rides and games

They even brought in Tower of Power in concert to Tivoli

Just beware that Copenhagen is one of the most expensive places I've ever visited.  We heard over and over from Americans in shock, "I just paid $50 for a tuna sandwich, fries and coke".  Yeeesh!  So $10 for a hot dog and soda is not so bad?  Ymmmm, dinner!