This is the story of a wonderful contract, a magical ship and an amazing inaugural season.  I count the crew and especially the folks in the entertainment department as great friends.

The "Take Out" of this ship was such a pleasure to be on.  November 2002-May 2003.  It was so much fun that RCCL asked me to extend my stay (and I did).  And to go back to a ship with only a 3 week break, well that's saying something...

So what makes a ship so special?  Well,  there's the hardware, the ship itself .  We were The Largest in the World.  Take a look at the Royal Promenade, a couple of football fields long, our own shopping Mall:

With it's expanding and contracting Heart of the Sea:

Where Parades of my friends go by weekly:

And an amazing light sculpture hangs in the Atrium: